Play2Shop Ambassadors

Do you LOVE Play2Shop?

Do you like telling your friends about Play2Shop?

Do you have a large group of friends that trust your recommendations?

Do you wish you could get more involved?

If you answered yes to all of the above, then you may qualify as an Official Play2Shop Ambassador!

What is the Ambassador program? It is the elite of the elite within the Play2Shop community a Super VIP and beyond! It means that you take an active interest in helping Play2Shop be successful.

What do Play2Shop Ambassadors get?

  • VIP status for all game play and shopping benefits!
  • Access to exclusive content and rewards!
  • 25,000 points and a $25 gift certificate when you sign up your first 25 new members!
  • Access to rewards to offer bloggers and their readers for recommending Play2Shop!
  • Rewards to offer other brand influencers for recommending Play2Shop!
  • Even more rewards for you based on your successes!

How much does the Amabassador program cost? $0.

The Ambassador program is exclusive and tough to get in to. But the rewards are great and definately worth it! Think you've got what it takes? Fill out the form to the left and let's get to it together!

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