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What is Play2Shop?
Do you like to have your cake and eat it too? So do we! That's why at Play2Shop we created a fun, FREE community where you can play games, earn rewards, get free stuff and cash back! At Play2Shop we combine the best parts of casual gaming sites and shopping reward sites into one fun, entertaining and rewarding community. At Play2Shop you simply play games, earn points, get free stuff AND earn cash back on all your purchases made through our retail partners.
If it's FREE, Why do I Have to Join?
In order to enjoy all the benefits Play2Shop has to offer, you must first enroll as a new member and establish a FREE account. Like the old saying, "membership has its privileges" well... that's also true at Play2Shop! As a loyal member of the Play2Shop community, you'll earn rewards and points for almost everything you do on the site. But you can't get those rewards unless you join!
Do I Have to Download Anything?
Nope! At Play2Shop we want your experience to be as fun, enjoyable and hassle free as possible. All our games load and play right in your browser and there is never any software to download or anything else you need to do after signing in. Just enjoy playing your favorite games and start earning rewards!
Is the Username and Password Case Sensitive?
Yes, for added security, all usernames and passwords are case sensitive. So, a password of "letmein" is different than "LetMeIn".
What are Play2Shop Reward Points and How Can I Use Them?
Play2Shop Reward Points are an exclusive and proprietary loyalty currency for our members only. Members earn free reward points in a variety of ways including: playing games, competing in tournaments, sharing and inviting others, shopping at over 1,000 stores, or through other special offers and site promotions. Members can use their reward points to buy cool merchandise, get additional discounts, and enter new tournaments for real prizes and other rewards, or bid on awesome products in our daily and weekly auctions.
Can I Earn Reward Points Playing Free Games?
Absolutely! That's one of the best things about Play2Shop! We feel you should get more than just scoreboard "bragging rights" for playing our games. Our goal was to create an enjoyable community with challenging and exciting games that keep you entertained and coming back. Simply put... play games, earn points, and get free stuff! We reward you for playing all your favorite games for free. The more you play and the higher you score, the more points you can win!
My Children Enjoy Playing Games Online, is this Safe for Them to Play?
Yes! We are very proud of the fact we provide a safe and enjoyable experience for the whole family! All of our games are fun and challenging, yet 100% family friendly. However, you do need to be 13 or older to establish a Play2Shop account and participate in our tournaments, auctions or to redeem your points in the Play2Shop Rewards Showroom. It is also important to note that there is no person-to-person interaction, or "chatting" on the site and even any offensive or fictitious screen names are strictly prohibited and will be removed. If you happen to see any objectionable material or screen names on the site, please feel free to contact us immediately at
How Safe is Your Site and My Data?
Play2Shop has gone through rigorous and extensive testing and certification to ensure your online experience and data are secure. We are SSL certified from the GoDaddy network and are pursuing additional certifications from TRUSTe and the Better Business Bureau (among others), to ensure all our users have the peace of mind in knowing their data is safe and secure. Play2Shop will also never sell or give your personal information to any other third party, merchant, or affiliate (see our Privacy Policy).
How do the Tournaments Work?
Play2Shop tournaments are open to all registered members and require an enrollment fee using your Play2Shop Reward Points. Members can use their reward points to enter these tournaments and compete for great prizes, merchant gift cards, extra reward points, and other special offers and promotions. All tournament play is based on a "high score" format with a designated start and end time. Once enrolled, players can then play as often as they like until time expires to post a high score. If you finish the tournament with the high score, you win the prize! Each tournament also rewards the other top finishers with additional reward points and other special offers for both the 2nd and 3rd place finishers. Please note that you are only eligible for one prize per tournament, so if you currently are in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in the tournament when it ends, you would get 1st place, and the person in 4th place would get 2nd, and so on.
If I Enter a Tournament Just Before the Enrollment Time Runs Out, Will I Still be Able to Play and Post a Score?
Yes, as long as you enroll before time expires you will be able to complete any game you start and post a score for that tournament.
How Are Prizes Awarded?
At the end of each tournament, any points due will be automatically credited to your account and all winners will be notified by email of their results. Where possible, all rewards like Gift Cards, Visa cards and other "digital" awards will be delivered electronically via email within 24 hours. Any other products or tangible items requiring shipping will be sent via the U.S. Postal Service and the member will be responsible for any shipping charges (we will note on the prize if there are shipping charges). Items redeemed using points at Play2Shop Auction or in the Rewards Showroom will also incur a $2.00 administration/processing fee.
How do I Shop Using Your Site?

Play2Shop features over 1,000 brand name merchants across 66 different shopping categories. Our shopping experience is unlike anything you will find anywhere else. We make it easy for you to navigate from one category to another and we offer every brand you can imagine. Once you select a category, you can easily jump from one "storefront" to another by simply clicking on the brands recognizable logo.

Another cool feature of the shopping experience at Play2Shop is your ability to "window shop" each store's current special offers and promotions without having to click through to find out what's new. Simply roll your mouse over any of our merchants' brand logo and the image will switch to display their latest sale or current promotion. You can quickly and easily "window shop" multiple merchants to find the best deals possible in seconds!

Once you click on one of our 1,000+ partner merchant links, we will show you a special confirmation screen indicating your current shopping session has begun and how much commission you will earn from that merchant. Then, just shop like you normally would and start earning cash back! If you happen to not complete your shopping order immediately, make sure you restart the session from Play2Shop to ensure you get proper credit for your rewards points and your cash back!

How do I Get Cash Back and Reward Points for Shopping?

Play2Shop has an affiliate shopping program that rewards our members with cash back on all their purchases. We have partnered with over 1,000 of your favorite brand-name online retailers that provide commissions for every dollar you spend. We pass these back to you in the form of cash back rebates. Our members can earn up to 10% cash back, or more in some cases depending on the retailer, but most average right around 2% to 6% cash back.

At Play2Shop, we bring you a variety of over 1,000 shops, restaurants and travel sites to choose from. We do all the work on the back end to ensure you get proper credit for every purchase you make. A green bar under each partner's brand logo indicates the amount of cash back from that merchant. Our members can also find great discounts, seasonal sales and other special offers and promotions from all their favorite stores just by rolling their mouse over the brand's logo. As an added BONUS all our members also earn 10 reward points for every dollar spent with any of our participating merchants.

When Do I Get my Cash Back Rewards?
Rewards are typically paid out within 60-90 days from the date of the transaction.

Cash-back disbursements will applied to your PayPal Account, although there is also a check option for a small additional fee. Members must accumulate a minimum of $10 in cash-back rebates to receive a disbursement or the balance will roll over to the next month or until you have met that minimum threshold.

What is the Play2Shop Rewards Showroom?
At Play2Shop we know points don't mean too much unless you have something of value you can exchange them for. That's why we created our exclusive, members-only Play2Shop Rewards Showroom! Here you can turn your points into real merchandise, gift cards, iPads, Kindle's and other cool prizes. Each item in the Play2Shop Rewards Showroom can be redeemed using your points. Each item displays the number of points needed to redeem for that item. If you have enough points you can click on the "Buy It Now" button and it's yours! We will then deduct the points from your account, charge a small $2 administration and processing fee (along with any applicable shipping charges) to your credit card or PayPal account on file, and then ship the item directly to you.
How do the Play2Shop Auctions Work?

Play2Shop Auctions are another great way for you to get cool merchandise, vacation packages, VIP memberships, gift cards and other awesome stuff using your Play2Shop Reward Points. Auctions can run daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly depending on the item and type of promotion. Each auction prize has a designated time period and a minimum opening bid amount. You can use your reward points to place bids on the items during the auction and you can place multiple bids on the same item. All you have to do is be the highest bidder when the auction closes and the prize is yours!

It doesn't cost anything to bid on an auction, and you can bid up to the number of points you currently have. However, we do not deduct or hold the points until the end of the auction and you win. But please be aware, if you bid on an auction and win, but don't have the points to fulfill your bid, then you will lose the auction, all of your points will be forfeited, and you may be prevented from participating in future auctions.

Play2Shop auctions also include an auto-bid feature, so you can bid a higher amount, but Play2Shop will only register the least amount necessary to win against the current high-bidder. Thereafter, whenever anyone bids against you Play2Shop will continue to automatically keep you ahead (by auto-bidding for you) until it reaches the maximum amount you specified.

Also, keep in mind, the final points needed to win that prize depends on how many people are interested in that particular prize and are actively bidding. Many people may watch the auction and make their final moves in the closing minutes, so make sure to check back often! Remember, you can easily keep up with all your auctions through your account dashboard when you log in or by clicking on the player icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

What About Shipping?
Many of our prizes and rewards do not require shipping. But when they do, we ship all of our products and merchandise using the most economical and fastest shipping options available. If you live outside the continental United States these charges can vary and may be higher.
Do I Have To Provide a Credit Card or Paypal Information?

No, not to play games or even to win prizes! But if you want cash-back on your purchases, you'll need a Paypal account so we can deposit your cash-back. There is also a "receive a check" option for getting your cash-back, but a small fee applies.

If you want to purchase rewards using your point, or if you win a Play2Shop auction, then you will need a credit card or PayPal account in order to cover the $2 administration fee and optionally any shipping costs.

If we need to ship a reward to you, make sure you have the correct address on file within your Play2Shop Account Settings.

What is the $2.00 Administration Fee for Auctions Won and Items Bought Using Points?
We do not charge any fees (unless shipping is involved) for rewards that you win in tournaments. However, we do charge a nominal $2 fee for rewards you purchase using points or auctions you win to help offset some of our costs and so we can continue to provide the best value and experience.
Should I Upgrade to a VIP and What are the Benefits?

Play2Shop VIPs are part of an exclusive club that can earn up to 50% more cash back on all shopping transactions and 50% more reward points just for playing free games. Plus, VIP members get special access to exclusive auctions and tournaments for even bigger and better prize packages.

Additionally, VIP members get up to 50% more cash-back than free members on all their purchases, which could easily offset the $19.95 per month VIP subscription fee, leaving lots more money in your pocket!

And, if that's not enough, VIPs get a FREE $25 gift certificate just for joining! So, heck yeah, you should definitely join the Play2Shop VIP exclusive club.

Do Play2Shop Games Work on Smart Phones and Tablets?

Play2Shop is designed to support all kinds of games on all types of platforms. Currently, many of our games are based on Adobe-Flash, which will work on PCs, Apple Computers, and newer Android-based Smart Phones and Tablets. Flash is not currently support on iPhones and iPads.

Play2Shop does have HTML5 and other types of games that DO work on iPhones, iPads, and pretty much everything. You can find them under the MOBILE section of the GAMES page.

Going forward, we are always working with new game developers to bring you a better selection and more variety and we will continually be adding more mobile games as we grow.

Got a great game you'd like to see on Play2Shop? Let us know at

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