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our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I Contact Play2Shop with Any Questions or Concerns?
We want your experience at Play2Shop to be a fun, friendly, and rewarding experience. If you can't find your answers here, please feel free to contact us directly at We are committed to customer service and that's not just talk! We will promptly respond to any ideas, suggestions, questions, concerns or problems you may have, so don't hesitate to reach out. Or, if you just want to say "Hello!" we'd love to hear from you too and we will reply in kind! We hope you enjoy Play2Shop and we look forward to serving you.
I Forgot my Password and Clicked on Resend Password, But I Didn't Get an Email from Play2Shop.
Sometimes our messages may show up in your email's junk or spam folder. Please look there first and to ensure our future emails reach you, make sure to add as a trusted domain or add to your safe senders list.
What Happens if I Have a Problem Playing One of the Games?

All of our games go through extensive testing under a variety of factors to make sure you can play them without any glitches. However, as with all technology, sometimes things can happen! In the event a game freezes or stops playing, click on the "restart game" button or refresh your page and this will usually reset the game. If the problem persists, try to exit the program then log back in resume your activities. These problems are rare however, unfortunately any malfunction will void play and you may lose your score for the game that malfunctioned. As always, if you experience any issues please contact us immediately at and let us know what game you were playing, what went wrong, what operating system you have and what browser you are using (and a screenshot if possible) and we will look into it and get back to you, typically within 24 hours.

Why Was My Screen Name Changed?

We want to provide a safe, fun and family friendly place online to play games, earn points, and get free stuff! We want to make sure all our user names do not contain profanity or are offensive in any way. According to our Terms of Service , usernames that are deemed offensive, or contain vulgarity or profanity will be not be allowed. Please change your username. If you have any questions, please contact us at

I Clicked on a Merchant in the Shopping Area and Webpage Warning Came Up, What do I do?
We take your shopping experience seriously and we want to ensure your online experience is both safe and rewarding. We test every partner link and screen all participating merchants to ensure their site is safe and secure. However, it is very rare, but sometimes you may click a merchant link and have a "web page warning" come up. This could happen for many different reasons including what browser you use, your browser settings, anti virus software, or possibly your operating system. Please let us know immediately by emailing us at Provide as much information as you can. Include the merchant you were trying to visit and if possible, a screenshot of the warning page would be helpful too. We work hard to ensure we have the most secure relationship with all our merchants, but if something unusual does occur please notify us and we will rectify it immediately.
I Got An "SSL Error" When I Tried to go to the Dashboard Page, What do I do?
Don't be alarmed! Periodically we do system updates to the site and other scheduled maintenance that may cause this issue. Simply refresh your browser and log back in and the problem should be solved. And don't worry, none of your player data or points will be affected.
I Am Using the Firefox Browser and Now the "PLAY NOW" Buttons Won't Work In the Dashboard and In Tournaments I Get This Message: "Error Console" And You See the Message "Blocked Loading Mixed Active Content"
There is a known issue with the latest version of Firefox (v23) that affects how it handles iframes on some websites. There is a simple fix, with your Firefox browser open, type "about:config" in the navigation bar. Search for "security.mixed_content.block_active_content" and then toggle it to "False". The just refresh the page and the problem will be solved.
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